You might have seen the Mayor on 60 Minutes I believe it was, a few months back. Living in Wisconsin, I was naturally interested.  As I listened to him respond to the interviewers questions, I sensed some sincerity.  He lost me however after stating his binges did not interfere with his work. I've been on a toot or two in my time, and going to work the next morning was not pleasant. Ma used to tell me, "those who" Ma was right.

The mayor of a Wisconsin town whose heavy drinking last summer sparked pressure to step down lost a special election on Tuesday to a former Democratic state representative.

First-term Sheboygan Mayor Bob Ryan, 48, lost the first mayoral recall election in the city's history to Terry Van Akkeren, 57.

More than 4,000 Sheboygan voters had signed petitions to force the recall after Ryan was caught on tape making sordid jokes about a sister-in-law and was photographed passed out in a tavern during a drinking binge last summer.