According to an article in today's Huffington Post, Scott Walker ordered the firing of a doctor who appeared to be completely competent at her job. The issue was that she had what was perceived to be a "checkered" past: She used to be a thong model.

I have to take issue with Governor Walker's firing of the doctor. There may have been reasons why she became a model. Perhaps she was having a difficult time paying for her schooling, putting food on the table, or even keeping up with the rent. Perhaps she had applied for several other positions, when this opportunity came up. We don't know  her side of the story, however it seems to me simply modeling thongs is no cause to accuse somebody of "having a checkered past." Would the same be said if she were modeling the latest clothing fashions, skin moisturizer, or perfume?

Whatever comes of this, we'll soon find out. I do wish however, that Governor Walker would have put more emphasis on her record as a doctor, rather than concentrating on something in her past  I think you might have jumped the gun on this one Gov.