A bridge along a major thoroughfare in Green Bay is closed after a 3-foot deep sag developed overnight.  The Leo Frigo Memorial Bridge along Interstate 43 carries 40,000 cars a day across the Fox River.  Built in 1980, the framework resembles the Bong Memorial Bridge that crosses the Saint Louis River in the Twin Ports.

Authorities have closed the bridge to traffic until more information can be pieced together.  Some officials are estimating that the heavily-traveled bridge may need to remain closed for a year or so.

911 workers were tipped off to  the problem by a truck driver who was crossing the bridge during the middle of the night.  At first, they thought that they had mis-heard what the driver was telling them.

"Sagging?" she asked.

The trucker repeated himself and urged the dispatcher to take action.

"I would suggest," he said, "that someone go out there and at least take a look at it."

After being dispatched to investigate, a Green Bay police officer reported about 10 minutes later that nothing appeared unusual. It would be almost another hour before officers realized the 120-foot-tall bridge had, in fact, sagged and that the highway had to be shut down.

Authorities are investigating to determine what caused the buckling to occur.