I use wikipedia quite a bit, and although many articles give us facts that may or may not be totally truthful, I bear that in mind when gathering information. Now, according to an article in CNet.com, Wikipedia has shut down more than 250 editing accounts as part of an investigation into "suspicious edits and sockpuppetry" that promoted organizations or products.

"It looks like a number of user accounts -- perhaps as many as several hundred -- may have been paid to write articles on Wikipedia promoting organizations or products," a clear violation of the site's policies, Wikimedia Foundation Executive Director Sue Gardner wrote in a blog post on Monday.

Wikimedia did what they had to do, a rule infraction justifies that type of action. With more and more people and companies adopting unusual ways to promote their products or services, I can see violations increasing. Thankfully, the Wikimedia Foundation put a stop to it happening to them.