Following her admission that she's been suffering from Parkinson's Disease for the last few years and the release of a new memoir, a lot of attention is being re-directed at Linda Ronstadt.  I believe that that attention is completely-warranted - and a long time coming.

Say what you will about Ronstadt's politics and her seemingly-lackadaisical approach to the later half of her career.  I think it's sad that in 2013, people have forgotten what a powerful impact she had on the 1970's and early 80's music scene.

In a lot of ways, Ronstadt has always been the cross-genre MVP - equally at home with a country ballad, a harder-edged rocker, American Standards,  even Tejano.

Linda has been eligible for Hall of Fame induction since 1994.  For some reason - for the last 19 years, the members of the Hall have seen fit to overlook her accomplishments.  11 Grammy's.  21 Top 40 singles.  Countless platinum and gold records.  Even awards for her acting ability.  No other female performer contributed more to the 1970's and early 80's than Linda Ronstadt.

Learn more about Linda Ronstadt, Jerry Brown, and Ronstadt's new memoir by clicking here.

And while you ponder the possible reasons why Linda Ronstadt still isn't in the Hall Of Fame, take a look at this video of her from 1976, performing one of her lost-classics "Someone To Lay Down Beside Me".  It's vocal performances like this that should have cemented her inclusion in the Hall years ago.