Uff 'da!  For cryin' out loud, those Midwesterners say some crazy things don'cha know.

Living the heartland, we often get criticized by the two coasts for our food, our fashion, our politics, and our accents.  Apparently, we also drive the rest of the country crazy with phrases that seem very common in our "neck of the woods", but grate on the nerves of everyone else.

So what made the list?  Along with "uff 'da", "for cryin' out loud", and "don'cha know", the rest of the nation dislikes it when we say "you betcha", "slow as molasses in January", and when we play "Duck Duck Gray Duck".  (For the record, as a native midwesterner that grew up on Minnesota's Iron Range, we never called it "gray" duck.  It was always Duck Duck Goose.)

See the full list here:  Midwestern Sayings - Business Insider.