I guess I'm a typical male, especially when shopping for a card for my wife. I shy away from "mushy" cards( yuk) and go for something that relates well to our relationship. Please read on, you'll find the interview interesting and maybe pick up a pointer or two for the next time you go card shopping.

If you think it's hard to find the right words to say to your Valentine, imagine how greeting card writers feel. Those men and women who've spent months toiling over the perfect sentiment for millions of strangers are the unsung heroes of February 14. From '94 through '99, David Ellis Dickerson was among them. During his five-year tenure at Hallmark, he told your wife how much he loves to kiss her forehead, and reminded your single friend she's doesn't need a man. Dickerson, now an author and contributor to NPR's This American Life, talked to Shine about the business of writing love notes. Make no mistake, it's all business.

Shine: Lets start with a loaded question. Do men and women shop for Valentine's cards differently?

David Dickerson: The difference in shopping behavior is huge. Women will go to stores to browse and relax. Men, for the most part, want to get in and get out. So guys gravitate to the most obvious cards: the biggest, showiest, most expensive looking one on the rack. The funny thing is that because it's more expensive, it's going to be surprisingly mushy on the inside.