There is more to music than rock n roll. I'll bet you never thought you would hear Rayman say that huh? Let me introduce you to Andy Snitzer and his sax. Andy is a contemporary jazz saxophonist and composer, not only huge in jazz circles, but also rock n roll. In the early days of rock n roll, many groups included the sax in their songs, which added a whole to element not only to the song, but rock & roll as well. A good example of the rock/sax blend is Junior Walker and the Allstars of  "What Does It Take To Win Your Love" fame. Springsteen also used sax heavily with the late Clarence Clemons.
After recording several jazz albums, Andy switched to pop. Many of the top pop artists asked him to record on their albums, and he was in constant demand. He was also used as a sideman on rock acts, and he toured with the Rolling Stones and recorded with artists from Bette Midler to Aretha Franklin. Andy also toured with Paul Simon on more than one occasion. To this day he remains perfectly content playing and recording both rock and jazz, and is in constant demand. If you are new to the Andy Snitzer sound, I've included an audio for your pleasure. Being a sax nad jazz lover, I have a couple of his albums in my library, and whether I'm in the mood to love, or relax, Andy Snitzer always comes through for me. He will for you too.