A nice evening at home very often includes watching TV. I usually talk to my wife about  whatever we're watching, and annoy her with comments on the advertisements. In short I drive her nuts, but then again, that's my job.

I've noticed that when we watch together, she's doing something else at the same time. I can't understand why she does that. If I don't like the show that's on, I get up and leave to do something else. I think lots of people do other things while watching TV though. What do you do?

My wife likes to read while watching. Some people like to be on Facebook, or peruse the internet, answer email, or get caught up on work brought home from the office. Sometimes, people iron clothes (do they really iron anymore?), or kids do their homework, or talk on the phone.

You'll never guess what lots of  women do while watching TV though. I was really taken by surprise when I read the article in Lifehacker.com. Scroll down for the answer.