I have several birdhouses in our yard. I remember the first time I out them up, it was in the late Spring, and by then the birds already had a place to live. So when is the best time to put up your birdhouses. According to About.com, knowing when to put up bird houses is essential for backyard birders to attract nesting birds to their yard. For cavity-nesting birds, bird houses can provide the perfect place to build a nest, and other species may also use bird houses as temporary shelters. If the houses aren't up, however, they can't be used.

Best Time to Put Up Bird Houses

There is no bad time to put up bird houses, and the best time to put them up is as soon as you have them available. Even if it is not nesting season, birds will investigate the house, learn where it is and possibly use it as shelter.  If you only want to provide houses for nesting, putting them up in late winter or very early spring will ensure they are available for even the earliest nesting species.

Birders who want to offer bird houses only to a specific type of bird can learn when the best time to put up bird houses for that species may be. If the birds have been visiting your backyard for several years, note when they first arrive each spring and put up the bird houses just a week or two before their expected appearance. This will minimize other birds taking over the houses while still providing shelter for the birds you want to see. If you haven't seen the birds in your yard before, contact local birding groups to learn when they arrive in the region so you can be ready for their arrival.

If you miss putting up bird houses as early as possible, there is still time to attract nesting birds. Many bird species lay more than one brood each year and they often investigate different nest sites each time, so a late bird house may be perfect for a second or third brood. Similarly, many birds will restart their nesting efforts if poor weather or predators destroy a first nest. A bird house that may not have been available earlier can be the perfect option for renewing a nest.