I wrote a blog about Bill Musgrave last week and how he was not calling the right plays for the Vikings and that we shouldn't be ready to send Ponder on his way. I think, I'm close to sending Ponder on his way.

First of all, Adrian Peterson is not the whole offense. Second, we traded to get Cordarrell Patterson and he only appeared 5 times. He is the new Percy Harvin, let's put those plays back in the line up. It worked for Favre and opened up the offense, it will help Peterson too. Ponder has such a low QB rating that Tim Tebow could start for the Vikes and things wouldn't change.

Matt Cassell, even though he is being blamed for most of the sputtering offense. He needs to look around, is he allowed to audible? Poke a few long, Ponder has an arm, bring back the plays we have for Randy Moss?

I'm thinking, if Ponder can't put it together by the bye week, put in Cassell, if he can't get it done, put in Joe Webb.......ugh!!!