I LOVE HOT DOGS! I'm the guy buying the 2 for 2$ deal you see at the gas station. When I go to the state fair, I buy corn dogs and hot dogs from every vendor. As National Hot Dog Month approaches in July and Americans prepare to chow down on an estimated 150 million wieners on Independence Day.

Recently a study was done by Applegate and here's what it found:

Americans differ in preferences for what's on their hot dogs, 77 percent of Americans are concerned about what's in their hot dogs.

More Survey Results

The Applegate "What's In Your Hot Dog Survey" showed that when it comes to condiments, the yellow stuff cuts the mustard. Mustard was the top topping, followed by ketchup, onions and relish. The topping used least often is tomatoes.

The survey revealed some regional favorites for dressing a dog.

For Southerners, chili edges out relish and onions and comes in just behind mustard and ketchup.

Midwesterners enjoy pickles on their franks more than any other region of the country.

It's cheese please for hot dog eaters in the Western United States.

Northeasterners like to top their franks with sauerkraut.

Nearly all those surveyed – 95 percent – find grilled hot dogs to be delicious. Only nine percent claimed to "never buy hot dogs."