Here we go again! No one matched the Powerball numbers last Wednesday so this Saturday we are looking to match the five white balls and one red Powerball to win $700 million dollars. Are you in?

It would REALLY take a miracle for my husband and I to win because we are 'jump on the bandwagon' players when the prize gets into the millions, otherwise we don't play very regularly.  According to the Multi-State Lottery Association, as of last Wednesday, the Powerball has been played 18 times without a winner.  If you are the lucky winner you could either choose to get your winnings in increments over the next 30 years or in a lump sum of cash which would be about $428.4 million, however that's before federal and state taxes would be taken out, so it would be just over half of that total. I think I would go for the 30 years increments to avoid overspending and dwindling my winning away because I'd do it!

You're odds are 1 in 292.2 million.  That's if you purchase one ticket.  Of course, if you buy multiple tickets, you increase your odds, but not by much because the odds are so small to begin with.  And if you're a smarty pants and think you're going to buy a tickets with every number combination to ensure you win, be prepared to buy about $584 million dollars worth of tickets.

How many times have you heard of someone who threw the ticket away or lost it?  Lottery officials say you should always sign your ticket when you purchase it so no one else can claim it's theirs and then check your ticket as soon as the numbers are drawn.  Good advice since a very long time ago my co-host had purchased a Powerball ticket and had it laying in the studio on the counter.  Well, I didn't know, I had never bought a Powerball ticket before at that time and I took a song request (still remember, it was for Clint Black) and wrote it right where my co-host would have signed had he won any money.  LOL!  I guess Clint Black would have had to come and claim the prize!

Here's the best tip I can give you, let the machine pick your numbers and here's why.  Most people use numbers below 31 because they use birth, anniversary or other important dates in their life which essentially ignores the fact that there are 69 numbered balls.

The drawing is Saturday night at 10pm.  If you choose to play and try to win the $700 million Powerball jackpot, good luck to you.  That would get 2016 off to a great start and you'd make a haul.   That's one part of history I wouldn't mind being part of!