B Raymond Buxton came forward on April Fools day to claim his $425 million dollar prize. He asked that the media leave him alone, that the public leave him alone, and that he is allowed to live in private. Is that acceptable in today's society?

I'm not sure...sooner or later someone will find him. All he will say is the story in which he purchased his ticket. He was eating at Subway when he noticed the Powerball Jackpot was so big. So, he decided to purchase another ticket to give him a better chance to win. That was the winning ticket. He said he sat in front of his computer many times, checking the ticket. He said the first time he checked his ticket he was overcome with fear.

I've always said, you need to hire PR, a lawyer, and an accountant to help you, then come out and claim your money. That's what Mr. Buxton did, he made plans for all of his money, for his family, himself and all the charities he wants to take care of.

Even his picture with his winning check, he held in front of his head to hide his identity. He says, he is newly retired, but he won't say from what. He also said he chose April fool's Day because he thought it was a joke when his ticket matched.

Mr Buxton was smart, what would you do with your money if you won? I think I would take care of everyone in my family, paying off debt for them. Setting up my Brother, Sister, Mom Dad and Aunt, and of course taking care of everything I owe. I would make sure the money was managed well. I would also take a little of it and splurge it, but on something I would like to do. I might buy a recording studio and offer free time in it for up and coming musicians and artists, and hire a good producer for the studio to take care of the artists.

What would you do?