This picture is what Nicole Hubbard saw. She is an animal control officer in South Carolina for two years, but had no jurisdiction in Georgia, where she saw this scene. So, what did she do?

She followed the car and kept calling the police and highway department. She took pictures and posted them on facebook, and wrote about the person and how they were treating their pet.

She noticed this was not a safe pet trailer, there was no access to water for the pet. The trailer itself was held together with a bungee cord. What would happen if the wheels gave out or the dog shifted it's weight......scary to think about.

Nicole continued calling police and following the vehicle until she saw law enforcement in South Carolina pull the car over.

Pet 360media picked up the story and followed up with Nicole and also called law enforcement to see what happened. South Carolina highway patrol had no record of writing a ticket or impounding the driver. What we are assuming is the driver of the car was made to put the pet back in the car and stow away the carrier. At least I hope!!