More details continue to come from Vatican City, following the announcement that Pope Benedict XVI will step down from his role as the head of the See of Peter on February 28th.

One of the questions surrounding the change was what would his title be.  We now know:

Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi said he will be known as either "pope emeritus Benedict XVI" or "Roman Pontiff emeritus Benedict XVI", be addresses as "Your Holiness," and be referred to as "His Holiness".

The spokesman said Benedict had made the decisions concerning his titles after consulting with Vatican officials.

The pope emeritus will continue to wear a white cassock, but will give up the red shoes - a papal tradition that he had re-started during this reign.

He will lay aside the red "shoes of the fisherman" that have been part of his papal attire and wear brown loafers given to him by shoemakers during a trip to Mexico last year.

[Some members of the western media wrongly associated these red shoes as being made by Gucci;  In truth, red shoes have a long history with the papacy, and these particular shoes were made by a shoemaker friend of the current pontiff]

From earlier reports, we know that Pope Benedict will leave Vatican City proper, and will reside at a convent.

Pope will keep title His Holiness after resignation | Reuters.