The new obsession among teen girls is also the new trend on many websites. It’s the thigh gap, described as a clear space, or gap, that can be seen between the thighs when a girl is standing with her knees together. The runway models have it, and teen girls want it.

Like most of the unhealthy trends, it starts in fashion models or the skinniest of skinny actresses and latched on to by fashion and trend magazines and passed on to teen girls who want to fit in and be what society wants them to be.

Good Morning America” sat down with four high school juniors from a New Jersey Chapter of Students Against Destructive Decisions and told ABC News’ Juju Chang that they all had friends that were intent on achieving the thigh gap. ABC News also found  that Social media sites such as Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter have devotees who flood the zone with images of thigh gaps, bony collarbones and confidence-crushing messages disguised as “inspiration” for staying thin.

When you search the term online you will find many websites that show pictures and supposed inspiring words to make young girls want this body shape. After doing some searching I found that doctors are saying that unless you have this body type already, that getting that skinny is unhealthy for most girls and is even worse for keeping their body looking this way.

Surprisingly,  girls’ motivation to have a thigh gap isn’t to make themselves more desirable to boys. The interview on ABC the girls say it's all a girl thing, it affects their status, not their standing with men.