Don't let the picture fool you;  The black and white image might be from 1970, but the band Chicago is definitely a contemporary act.

If the horns don't give them away, the tight harmonies will.  Since the late 1960's rock fans have enjoyed the music of the band Chicago;  Now it appears that 2012 might be one of their biggest years ever with ticket sales that don't give the slightest nod to the fact that they haven't had a single on the radio in almost 25 years (not that that matters).

One of the ways that the band has stayed fresh is by evolving their sound.  Their first Christmas album came out almost 15 years ago - in 1998, and they've recently issued a second one.  Chicago has also stayed active on the tour circuit - with shows that stay innovative.  Member Jimmy Pankow explains:

“That’s been our approach for the past several years. We did it with Earth Wind and Fire. We’ve done it with Huey Lewis. We’ve done it with the Beach Boys. It really puts a buzz on the show. People don’t expect it. Other tours don’t do that. As long as we’re all here at this dance let’s have a real significant good time at the end of the show, combine forces and do the biggest hits. People really appreciate it. Not to mention all of us have a great time being together onstage… People paid their hard-earned money to see us. Let’s give them a full tour. The audience just goes crazy with this.”

One sure bet:  Look for more from Chicago in 2013.  In a business where you have to "evolve or get out", it's apparent that Chicago has done the former very well.