Are you a "right brain"-type of person or a "left-brain"-grounded individual.  A new research study suggests that creative-types tend to have common tendencies that others don't.

The full article is available by clicking here, but in general - these are the traits that are common among creative people:

  • They observe
  • They daydream
  • They take "alone time"
  • They work their own hours
  • They seek out new experiences
  • They focus on the positive, turning negatives around
  • They ask questions
  • They fail
  • They observe and people-watch
  • They take risks
  • They follow their true passions
  • They exercise self-expression
  • They lose track of time
  • They connect the dots
  • They surround themselves with beauty
  • They evolve and shake things up
  • They practice meditation