[UPDATE]  More cold weather in the Northland means that more names have been added to this list.  We're now up to 17 different communities that are being asked to run their water in order to prevent costly freeze-ups.  Keep reading for more details.

This has been an especially brutal winter - both for snow and cold temperatures.  Those bitterly-cold temperatures have combined to drive the frost further into the ground that usual, resulting in many homes with frozen water pipes.

Some communities have experienced more problems than others, and governing officials in those towns are asking residents to run their water to prevent frozen water lines.

The following is the current list of northland communities that are being asked to run their water:

  • Bemidji
  • Buhl
  • Chisholm
  • Coleriaine
  • Drummond
  • Ely
  • Eveleth
  • Hayward
  • Hibbing
  • Hill City
  • Iron River
  • Mellen
  • Nashwauk
  • Virginia - Midway area only
  • Washburn
  • Willow River
  • Wrenshall