Duluth streets are bad, so many potholes. Is anyone doing anything about it. Before facebook you never knew what was going on in our Mayor's head. Today, you do. Mayor Don Ness wrote in his facebook page and talked about the situation with the streets.

One thing I think everyone needs to keep in mind is the streets have always been bad, think back to when you were a kid, and a teen. Streets always had potholes, including the street I grew up on. It wasn't until we got a DTA bus on our street that it was fixed.

Mayor Ness said "Recognizing how bad it is out there, we have dedicated several hundred thousand more for an enhanced pothole program this year. We should see signs of improvement soon." He went on to say that "the condition of the roads are my responsibility. Honestly, I feel sick about how bad they are right now. It's embarrassing to me personally and there is no easy solution going forward."

We all have to realize where we live, the ground moves and swells and we get plowed and it tears up the streets sometimes. We all hate getting taxed and we all don't realize that's what pays for the streets to be fixed.

Mayor Ness talked about why it seems much worse now, "We had an excellent plan, but when the casino revenue stopped, we didn't have the revenue to continue it."

So, I urge people in power to work together so we can get a new plan. People like the Mayor and he loves the city, which is rare for elected officials.