With sales lagging, Wendy's decided to revamp their burger recipe to challenge the competition.  As the building Food Critic - (okay, they call me a "food snob", but I prefer critic) - I was interested in the fact that they changed their onions from white to red and their lettuce from iceberg to leaf.

The process to launch the new burger was a social experiment of sorts in search of what Americans wanted from their burger as well as visits to burger sellers around the country, and a poll of over 10,000 people inquiring about their likes and dislikes, according to the Associated Press.

So what do they like?

Many changes were made such as trying green leaf lettuce, nixing square bread for its artificialness, toasting the bread (in a slice of butter) and generally making the meat thicker and less ‘pressed’ when it came to the final item.

Company executives also tried to the make the tomato slices thicker, consulted a food scientist for pickles, and ultimately made moves towards emphasizing the flavor of beef – reducing onions and pickles and selecting whole mayonnaise.

The newly-revamped burger is available nationally starting today.