Police in Sydney, Australia are scratching their heads after a man abruptly left an Italian restaurant - leaving a briefcase with $1 million dollars in it behind.

The police have little information at this time other then what the patrons in the restaurant could tell them. Customers in the café described the man as Asian, and in his 30’s. He was reportedly dressed for the beach, wearing board shorts and a wrestling singlet.

As strange as his exit was, other customers said that the man acted strange from the moment he arrived.

According to witnesses, the man seemed on edge and nervous when he arrived. He ordered a coffee and talked anxiously to nearby customers. Multiple people told police that the man seemed to have suddenly gotten “spooked” and, as abruptly as he came in, he bolted out, leaving behind his mysterious suitcase. Upon discovery of the suitcase, the two owners of the café called the police, fearing that the unattended suitcase could potentially be a bomb.

Police are still investigating the incident.