I recently completed a book by Andrew J. Bernstein titled California Slim The Music, the Magic, and the Madness. If you happen to be a baby boomer, this book will really hit home, or, if you are a student of rock, I guarantee you'll learn more from this book than you can imagine.

The most important thing abut the book is that Andrew was there, he saw and did it all, and relays his experiences to you. The list of rock artists he knows and hung out with, and worked with is unbelievable. You'll read stories from the 60's through the psychedelic era on up. Andrew makes you feel you are right there with him, and takes you on a personal tour of what the rock scene was really like..no bull..just the facts.

The book is jam packed with facts from anybody who was anybody in rock, making it a true learning experience. Don't worry, although it's jam packed with facts and knowledge, California Slim is a very easy read, it flows well, and it's almost as if you and Andrew are enjoying a cup of coffee at your house. You will not be able to put the book down, and a definite must have for your personal library collection; you will constantly refer back to this book for reference. Read the reviews on Amazon first, then get the book from your local bookseller or Amazon.  Once you read it, you'll thank me someday.