In an effort to expand their demographics and their business model, Walmart has joined the mail order gourmet food business.

I know, you're thinking:  Walmart?  Gourmet food?  But it appears that the mega-block store is trying to lure a different sort of customer to try their one-size-fits-all outlet stores.

Here's how the service, called Goodies, works: For $7, customers sign up to receive six to eight food products "ranging from healthy and organic to artisan and ethnic."

In some ways, the move makes sense.  With no offense, Walmart is the king of mass mechandising products at the lowest possible prices.  $7 a month for a gourmet food mailer is a pretty reasonable price - compared to some competitors that offer similar services anywhere between $35-$65 a month.

Would YOU subscribe to Goodies?


Oh Goodies: Wal-Mart Goes Mail-Order Gourmet | WBUR & NPR.