When it comes to vintage terms, you're talking to Mr. V himself, hey, Maynard G. Krebbs was my idol. That's why I want to share this article I ran across in the Huffington Post. While some of the words are sort of "goinky", (Rayspeak for silly or nerdy), they just might bring you back to another time full of fond memories. Here are a few I remember.

Groovy: Far out, great, fantastic. Example: Wouldn't it be groovy to split to Nancy's pad and dig on some far out wax?

Neat: Cool. Example: It'd be really neat if the teach would let us cut out of history class early, then we could split to the Diner and dig some far out platters, like that new one from Elvis.

Hot to Trot: ready, desirous. Example: Betty is hot to trot for Friday nights drag races and wants me to take her. Kathy's parents are going out Friday night. Kathy wins.

For more cool slang terms, be sure to check out the full article.