Scott Jones kissing his girlfriend Alex Thomas are part of one of the most famous kissing photos ever. What a "once in a lifetime" moment. Remember the kiss from the servicemen returning home? Brittany Spears and Madonna....ok, maybe that doesn't count.

The Couple, who have been making the rounds just to clarify what the photo is really about and what was really happening, have been dating 6 months.

Jones, a bartender from Australia, reached down to comfort Canadian college student Thomas after police knocked her to the ground following Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final between the Boston Bruins and the Vancouver Canucks. Richard Lam, a news photographer on the scene, snapped the photo that became an instant sensation around the globe.

The couple appeared on NBC's "The Today Show" on Monday, talking about what brought them to the streets of Vancouver, the incident with police and their instant celebrity: