It's a tough situation for both customers and UPS, as the company was overwhelmed this year, and could not make all it's deliveries. Online customers are accustomed to getting their packages on time, and they were let down. So, whose to blame?

For the first time this year, UPS took on more overnight packages than it could deliver and  thousands of families that didn't get their Christmas package by Christmas.. according to an article in USA Today. The company apologized to customers, blaming bad winter weather in the South and a surge in online shopping.

The apology didn't go far with people on social media, which exploded with complaints about UPS and FedEx from customers furious about empty spots under their trees.

Most complaints were directed at UPS, which issued statements on Christmas Eve and again on Christmas Day acknowledging that the company was overwhelmed by unexpected volume and some packages were delayed until after the holiday.

Perhaps UPS upper management should have seen this coming as online sales are increasing by leaps and bounds every year, and been better prepared?