As reported in January, the Superior Police Department had been investigating a claim of someone impersonating an officer.  After much investigation, they have determined that this allegation was unfounded.

On January 14th, the Superior Police Department received a report of an Impersonating An Officer incident.  A citizen called 911 after a traffic stop near the east of the Post Office - around 1:00 AM.  When they stopped, a white male, around 6' 0" tall, mid-30's, with a light mustache and beard, approached the vehicle while it was parked in the alley.  The suspect was wearing a Superior Police Department baseball cap, dark dress pants, and a navy blue T-shirt labeled "SPD".  The male identified himself as "Officer Darg" and made contact with the reporting party and claimed that he was stopping the vehicle because it was suspicious to be in the alley.  The reporting party did not see an official police badge or firearm.  The male was driving a blue car, similar to a Chevrolet Lumina, that had flashing blue and red lights in the dashboard area.

The male suspect asked for the reporting party's driver's license, proof of insurance, and registration.  The reporting party cooperated, and the male returned to his vehicle, only to come back a short time later and claim that the reporting party's insurance was not up to date.  The suspect then "released" the reporting party.

Superior Police found surveillance footage that refutes the original report to the department and clearly indicates that no such traffic stop ever occurred.

Providing false information to the Police can be a crime in the State of Wisconsin and this matter has been referred to  the District Attorney's Office for consideration of charges.