The USPS issues stamps from time to time for collectors, to honor unique people or historic moments, and to make money. When they issued the Simpsons, they thought they would make more money than any other stamp.

According to Newser, they printed 1 billion Simpson stamps, and only sold 316 million. How did they get the numbers so wrong.

In a very unscientific manner, according to the inspector general. "This process depends on manual procedures and the experience of one individual, which increases the risk for costly miscalculations." It apparently bet that the cartoon family would be twice as popular as the best-selling commemorative stamp of all time: an Elvis Presley stamp issued in 1993.

More Simpsons than Elvis, NEVER! I could have told them that. So, because they were sold at 44 cents they are useless unless you collect or want to buy 1 cent stamps.