Like it or not folks, there is a lot of angst  over Facebook's privacy issues. Unthink is not necessarily out to slam Facebook, Google + etc., but instead to offer an alternative to those who prefer their information to be kept private. Time will tell.

Call it "Occupy Facebook." Or, perhaps, "UnOccupy Facebook."

Hoping to capitalize on frustrations with the social networking giant, not to mention some of the anti-corporate sentiment bubbling up on Wall Street and beyond, entrepreneurs have launched an upstart site called Unthink.

The Tampa, Florida-based startup wants to be everything that Facebook and rival Google+ are not -- and it has the manifesto and sassy YouTube video to prove it.

"I couldn't wait to tell my story. I couldn't believe that all this was free," says an actress in the video, strutting through Bohemian city streets in an off-the-shoulder T-shirt with the words "Wild and Free" scrawled on it. "But I never knew that I'd be part of some damn puppet show -- that you thought you could own me. Well, you can't own me!"