A couple guys in Lake Nebagamon have a problem, in fact they have two problems. How to get their pickups fished out of Lake Nebagamon?

Towards the end of last week, they decided to do some ice fishing. Should be no problem for it's not uncommon this time of year to see an ice house or two, as well as several snowmobiles on the lake.

The guys drive their trucks on the lake, cut a hole in the ice and get set for a relaxing afternoon, at least that was the plan. Hey, what's that noise says one guy to the other? As they turned to look, one of the trucks crashed through the ice, and shortly after, so did the other pickup. Luckily, the guys were okay, but I can't say the same for the trucks.

Phone calls were made to their buddies asking for help, and soon the whole block was filled with friends and many pieces of equipment to pull the trucks from the lake. No luck however. The bars and restaurants were abuzz with advice on how to raise the trucks, and the next day many of Lake Nebagamon's finest contractors offered their services and brought out the big machinery. Some of their equipment started to go through the ice as well. Sorry boys, still no luck.

I believe the trucks have been underwater four days now. The DNR imposes a fine of $100.00 per day, on any vehicle that goes through the ice. They must be close to $800.00 by now. As of this morning, the trucks were still sunk in Lake Nebagamon. I'll keep you posted.