Thanksgiving will soon be here, and that's when we nibble on treats while watching the parades, snack on more goodies while watching the big game, and really go crazy on Thanksgiving dinner. We over stuff ourselves till we're blue in the face, then wonder why we head for the couch and fall into a dead sleep. Some say the culprit is Tom Turkey himself. Most agree there is something in the turkey (melatonin) that makes you sleepy, and there is a ring of truth to that. But now, new evidence suggests that turkey has a positive side as well. Eating turkey can make you happy. Tryptophan, found in turkey, is a natural serotonin booster found to reduce anxiety and improve your mood. It can even relieve depression.

So, this Thanksgiving when we eat ourselves into a near coma, and our favorite team just lost by two points, grab a piece of turkey before you drag yourself to the couch. You'll enjoy a happy sleep, and awake in a much better mood. You may even be in the mood for that last turkey leg!