Animal facts, care and more. If your child is interested in animals this is a camp made for them. Animal Allies is letting people know this is the last chance to register, the classes are coming fast.

This class is normally part of the Summer learning experience, but this year a special Spring session has been added, here are the facts...

Spring Break Summer Camp is April 8-12, for youth ages 8-12. -Photo by Trudy Vrieze

Camp for ages 8-12. 9 am-Noon , and the cost is $100,

Fun for Dogs and Cats In a Shelter
What things can we do for shelter dogs and cats and our own animals at home to keep them busy, happy, healthy, out of trouble, and challenged? What steps does an animal go through from arrival to adoption? Have fun teaching old and young dogs all kinds of new tricks, learning how to care for the daily health of animals, and make the dogs and cats happy with games and activities suited to their dog-ness and cat-ness. Journal your observations and thoughts about the animals you meet to share with shelter visitors.

For more information or to register, please contact Pat Castellano at 218-623-6357 or