Who is this guy, and why would you ever turn down Van Halen. First, a little history andhow he fits in. Van Halen started with David Lee Roth, Michael Anthony, Alex Van Halen, and Eddie Van Halen. Once the band finished 1984 with the huge hit "Jump", David Lee Roth quit, or was Fired.

It's well documented that Sammy Hagar came in as the second lead singer. He served 10 years, like Roth, and left.....or was fired. So, what was Van Halen to do. They had to replace Hagar with someone who could do the job.

Then Van Halen appeared on MTV with Roth, shortly after they released a Best Of..that included two new Van Halen songs with Roth singing. Then that went sour, and Roth left, or was fired.

Enter Gary Cherone, who came from a successful band that broke up, Extreme. Their hit was "More than Words", and "Get The Funk Out". Gary came in and made the worst selling Van Halen to date. Then Cherone quit, or was fired.

Then Sammy Came back and left, then Roth came back, and that's where we are now.

BUT....there was someone else. Mitch Malloy, who came out after Sammy Hagar left and auditioned for the band and made it, then turned it down. See the video and hear the story of why and hear his new song, which is a Van Halen song.