Do you believe in Santa Claus? If I asked that question to ten people, they would all probably respond in the negative. I've wondered when I see a Santa, if there really is a real one, or perhaps one of the Santa's we met at one time or another was the real Santa Claus. I think I'm still a kid sometimes. Anyway, here's six things you might not know about Santa I saw in USA Today, by Ted Carter, Mississippi Business Journal. I thought you might get a kick out of them.!.  Santas avoid each other while on the job. "It's professional courtesy," says Kennison Kyle, a Santa who works out of Memphis, Tenn.

2. What Santas tell children who see a half dozen Santas and ask which is the real one? "Tell them you'll know him when you see him," Kyle says.

3. What Santas tell children who ask why the reindeer aren't flying? "Tell them the reindeer can only fly on Christmas when good boys and girls are in bed," Kyle says.

4. What to tell a child if no reindeer are around? "Not cold enough yet," Kyle says.

5. What Santas do when they get together: "Talk shop," Kyle says. "How to keep up with bookings. How to deal with real shy kids."

6. What can Santa deduct from his taxes? "I deduct hair spray, my boots, the fabric for having my suit made, salon charges for getting my hair bleached," Kyle says. He also deducts his millage —