An article in the new Esquire magazine interviews Eddie Van Halen and Wolfgang or "Wolf" as he is now called. He talks about the first time he started recording with Van Halen. The part that surprised me is, here you are....a kid, and you are jamming with one of the best bands in the world.

It's revealed in this interview that Wolf was 16 when he made his first recordings and rehearsals, and he was 17 when he started his first tour.

Also talked about in the interview, Eddie and Wold say they are writing together. Before, Eddie would have the melody and song, then the lead singer would write lyrics. Now Wolf does some polishing before it makes it to the band.

The funny part of the whole interview, Wolf says it would be expected that he is the one who doesn't want to practice or work at this, but he is the one that gets the guys to buckle down, and he is the one who knows the songs better than the band that wrote them.