Looking for a cheap "family friendly" place to eat. You might be surprised where the worst and where the best places are. Consumer Reports recently ranked “family-friendly” eateries — meaning they’re typically informal, cater to kids, are open long hours and serve no liquor — based on an evaluation of things like taste, service, mood, noise, menu, cleanliness and value.

At the bottom of the pile? Friendly’s and Waffle House. CR faulted Friendly’s for “lackluster service,” and said both restaurants “drew relatively low marks for cleanliness and mood.”

Ugh!!! My favorite place to eat is Waffle House. When I looked into the study, it didn't include places like TGIFriday, Applebees, and other chains because they served alcohol. How can they NOT be considered family friendly, anyone with kids knows you gotta tag one on if you are taking your kids out.

It also drew heavily on friendliest and cleanest. I've never been to a clean Waffle House, but then again, how clean is your house when you are cooking for thousands of people in one day.

I'm still going to go, because, in the survey it didn't say they found radioactive material in the food. It's still the best home cooked meal I've ever had outside of home.