It's pretty much a given that most songwriters (especially those starting out) write songs about something that happened to them. An event of importance in their life. The reason is simple: it's easier. Only they know the emotions they felt, what they went through happy or sad, and as a result, the song can be written with more emotion. Emotion moves a person. When a song "moves" a person, they buy the song, record companies get rich. Simple huh?

The "Breakup Song, (better known as "They Don't Write Em' Like That Anymore,") celebrates the quality of break-up songs in rock n roll's earlier times. Greg  sings about both his recent breakup and the fact that they don't write good breakup songs anymore. Back in the days of early rock n roll, airwaves were filled with songs of love gone bad...but not so much anymore. Just ask Greg Kihn..