People hide passwords in safe places (or so they think.) Passwords to on-line sites, bank cards, bank accounts, and more. People feel their passwords are secure, and the hiding places are known only to them. Their wrong! According to Lifehacker,  these are the top six password hiding places.

  • Under the Keyboard. This is a pretty common one, and one of the first places to look if you need to find someone’s password. Some even attach the post-it to the underside of the keyboard, thinking it’s better hidden there. Don't hide your password under your keyboard.
  • Under your Phone. Some folks play it smart or so they think by taping their passwords to their phone receiver, or under their phone. That's another no,no.
  • Under the Mouse Pad. This is another common hiding place for people who don’t want to put their passwords under their keyboard or under thier phone. I know your trying to hide your passwords, and still have access to them, but people who want to snoop are most often smarter than you thihnk they are.
  • On the Monitor. This is for people who have a multitude of post its on their monitor already. Their hope is it will blend in, and nobody but you will find it. Wrong.
  • In the Top Drawer. People are pretty trusting, especially when it comes to locking things in their office desk drawers. usually, one or two keys can open most desk drawers, plus, if the drawer is locked, it tells the snoop something valuable must be inside.
  • Under the Desk. Too many people try to hide their passwords under the desk.While sitting down at the desk, run your hand underneath it and you might find a couple things. A note of passwords, or a wad of gum.