As 2013 is fast coming to a close, I thought I'd give you a personal look at some of the things I enjoyed over the past year. Movies I've watched, music I really enjoyed, books I've read and more. Here are my single favorites for the year.

BOOK: Dark Star The Roy Orbison Story

I've had this book for years, read it two or three times a year. The most interesting rock and roll book I've ever read, and I've read hundreds.

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MOVIE: Capote

Even though it's an older movie, I watch it several times a year. Having seen real footage of Truman Capote, I find the acting of Phillip Seymour Hoffman astonishing. I've also read Capote's book In Cold Blood at least four times this year.

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CONCERT MOVIE:Rolling Stones, Lets Spend The night Together

I watch between fifty and seventy five concert movies a year, but I've never seen such a personal, up close concert movie as this one..Shot at Sun Devil Stadium in 1981, with twenty cameras and recorded in 24 track stereo, you both see and hear the Stones as if you were there. It's by far the most enjoyable of all their concerts.

MUSIC: Chrissie Hynde

This is by far the hardest for me to choose a favorite. The group I've listened to most this year is The Pretenders. One  reason I think is that Chrissie Hynde reminds me so much of Keith Richard of the Stones, in fact so much so I call her the female Keith Richard. While the recorded songs and albums are great, they pale in comparison to viewing a recorded concert. To see Chrissie in concert is pure magic, her voice and style are so totally unique.

GADGETS: Samsung Galaxy S 4 Cell Phone

My favorite electronic gadget I found this year is my Samsung Galaxy S 4. In the past was an i-Phone user, and still believe Apple makes the best electronics, however my Galaxy seems to be more "me" than the i-Phone, it fits me better, I can identify more with it than my old phone. I just love it,

PICTURE: Mrs. Rayman & I 

I take tons of pictures. I once read a picture is a moment in a persons life. My favorite picture is not one I took, but one a friend took of my wife Susan (Mrs. Rayman I call her.) and myself. It's my favorite because without her, I could never do what I love most, and of course that's rock and roll radio. We were at a friends party, just relaxing, and they snapped it.

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GIFT: Sticky Fingers Mug 

My wife Sue went to England and Ireland this summer. She asked me if there was

anything special she should bring back for me. I said "anything from Sticky Fingers." Sticky Fingers is big in London, owned by Bill Wyman (original bass player for the Rolling Stones.) The gift she brought back was a Sticky Fingers mug. I love it, and Bill is my favorite bass player of all time, so that makes it even better.

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BREAKFAST: One Poached Egg on Toast & Tea

 I should start by saying I never eat breakfast when I'm working, but Sunday's are our day off. Sue discovered something when she was in England and decided to try it on me one Sunday morning. One poached egg on toast and a cup of tea. I love it, and it's now become a staple on Sunday mornings. I've been known to have it for dinner from time to time as well.

HOLIDAY TREAT: Leo Hughes um Fruitcake

 When I was a kid, I sailed on the Great Lakes for several seasons on the P.M. line. One thing that amazed me was that  food was available twenty four hours a day, and it was fantastic food! When I moved to Lake Nebagamon, I met Leo Hughes who cooked on the boats for forty years. Every Thanksgiving he makes fruitcake, and I always buy some. It's the most delicious I've ever tasted. For me, one of Leo's fruitcakes soaked in rum, is the ultimate Holiday treat.

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There you have it, Rayman's best of 2013. From my family to yours, here's wishing you the best holiday ever!