Old names go and new names come. Seems to me the older names (like mine Ray) were simpler and shorter, but these names pale in comparison to the children of various rock stars for example.  I don't think people should be too up in arms, after all we'll have a whole new batch of names in a few years.

What do the names Michael, Madison and Jayden have in common? They’re among the most popular baby names in America…but they’re also among the most-hated.

Laura Wattenberg, author of “The Baby Name Wizard: A Magical Method for Finding the Perfect Name for Your Baby,” recently conducted a non-scientific survey to find the most-hated baby names.

Wattenberg combed through postings on various website message boards where people discussed baby names.

Here’s what she found:


1. Jayden 2. Brayden 3. Aiden

4. Kaden (These rhyming names struck many as overdone, Wattenberg reported.)

5. Hunter (Too much like a last name or “too violent.”)


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1. Nevaeh 2. Destiny 3. Madison

4. Mackenzie

5. McKenna

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