To the dismay of Packer fans the Minnesota Vikings are in first place in the division and as I scan across the internet number one in power rankings, which is a rating like the college teams get. I don't think I have seen the Vikings number one for anything in a long time. In my recent memory, they haven't been unbeaten since 2009 and number one since 1998.

The part that bothers me is that everyone is already saying Super Bowl. Too soon if you ask me. Why do we have to start saying that, last year there were a few teams they said the same thing about and they fell by the wayside. Last year's Vikings looked as if they could have made a deep run, but Walsh didn't make the kick.

The part I like, people are finally noticing Mike Zimmer, the coach who transformed the Vikings defense and brought in Norv Turner to take over the offense. He deserves any and all awards he gets this year. He loses his Quarterback, he loses his top running back, he has lost some of his offensive line and some on defense, and yet, another guy steps up and takes over.

Too soon to say they can take it all the way, yes. I do like seeing the Packers do well and the Vikings do well. It's about time that the league looks at the North Division and says it's a strong division. Plus, the Packer/Viking rivalry games get better. I would love to see both teams get in and play to go to the Super Bowl, OOPS, too soon!!