People read books for many reasons. To some, the right book can be a wonderful reference tool, for some an escape to a far distant place. Others may prefer a biography of someone they admire, or a how-to book to repair that cracked tile in your home. There are books on everything, and chances are good, you can find what your looking for in your local library, and if not, they'll get it for you free of charge.

It's my opinion, the earlier one starts reading the better, and that's what the Book-It program is all about. The program runs to August 12th, and is designed for anyone ages 0-18. There are two options to the Book-It program. The first is to read five books, write the books on a sheet of paper, have an adult sign the paper, then turn the paper in at the Imogene McGrath Memorial Library. The second option is to stop by the library, check out a book and the library attendant will sign your book sheet for you. You must check out a book on five separate days however.

After you are through reading your five books, you'll be presented with a certificate entitling you to a free Dilly Bar from the Lake Nebagamon Dairy Queen, as a reward for a job well done. Hopefully, you'll return to the library many times over the years, as you discover  the library stores a wealth of knowledge, entertainment, and fun. Stop by the library today, and pick up your Book-It form.