One of my favorite movie trilogies is Back To The Future. Michael J Fox makes them so believable. Now, Christopher Lloyd, the guy who played Doc Brown, drives in a DeLorean and presents the Hoverboard.

Is it real?


Famous people like Tony Hawk, Moby and former NFL star Terrell Owens all took their turns on the board, going on and on about the technology and how amazing it was to float around. As you can see in the video below, there's plenty of footage of people riding the HUVr and playing around with it. There's even a website for the HUVr where you can customize your own board, and there's a Back to the Future-esque clock at the top that says the destination time is December of 2014.

Buzzfeed did some sleuthing and discovered that Funny or Die is behind all this.Why they did this and what it might lead to is beyond me. I think it's awesome and now I'm wondering if they are going to sell these, but they won't float.

They should get Michael J Fox to do one of these...