I caught the documentary Teen a Go Go on Netflix last night, and wanted to share it with all who enjoy music here in the Northland. I go way back to the days of the Titans, Chet Orrr & the Rumbles, Renowns and Vaquero's from the Range, Devilles, Marksmen, Sounds Like Us, Tammy & The Bachelors, Tempests, and many more.
Our area was definitely a hot spot for music, and every Friday & Saturday night, I was somewhere, watching someone.

Although we had many fantastic bands, we had but one or two bands that made it
nationally. Duluth and Superior were anything but friendly in those days. Duluth kids pretty much knew if they ventured to Superior to watch a band, it's guaranteed a fight would break out, and visa versa. There was huge competition between Duluth and Superior music, each city protective of their own bands.

Forth Worth and Dallas Texas were pretty much the same, except for the fights and the style of music. The documentary Teen a Go Go explains in detail the differences, but in a nutshell, Dallas bands were more perfectionists, Ft. Worth bands were more bluesy. The movie recounts through actual video, several of the big Ft. Worth groups of the sixties, complete with several band members and record producers like Major Bill explaining what the music industry was like as well as the general music scene ,complete with Go Go dancers, radio jocks, and recording studios in the Ft, Worth area. Some  famous artists came  from Ft. Worth too, like Willie Nelson, Reba McIntyre and Bruce Channel to name a few.

Teen a Go Go is an excellent documentary. It's a glimpse back to the sixties music lifestyle in the Ft. Worth Texas area. If you like music, you'll like Teen a Go Go.Check it out next time you're in the mood for a great movie. It's available on Netflix for free. Enjoy the video's of Chet Orr and the Titans!