Early home computer users rejoice!  An old favorite is coming back and it has some new technology up it's sleeve.

It's still taupe and it's still basically a big keyboard with a full working computer sitting beneath it -- mouse and monitor aren't included.

But while it has its retro looks intact, it's also quite new, with modern features even some of today's computers (Apple, we're looking at you) haven't caught up to, such as HDMI outputs to connect to a HDTV and the option of a combination Blu-Ray and DVD player.

Manufacturers are banking on the fact that there are plenty of die-hard Commodore 64 fans out there - even after being off the market for almost 20 years.  Online support groups and auctions see spare parts to keep old C64 machines running going for extraordinarily high prices.

What's probably most interesting is the base price:  $ 595 -- which is exactly what a new Commodore 64 would run you back in 1982.   Just goes to show the more things change....the more they stay the same.