Promises more often that not turn into disappointment. Every gal wants to look her best, and I've finally found a bra that delivers what it promises. No disappointments here girls.

The Victoria’s Secret Miraculous Bra claims it will boost your bosom by two full cup sizes. A standard push-up bra gives you anywhere from a half cup to a full cup in lift, so this claim was pretty bold.

To get a baseline bra size, I had Christina Ignacio, a bra fit expert at measure me in a standard bra. I am a 36A.

The next step was to purchase the bra. It cost almost $50 and when I first looked at it, I was amazed by the amount of cushioning and the strategic placement of the padding.

It was seriously stacked on the outside of the cups so it wedged me in tight toward the middle of my chest.

It also had the traditional push-up feel towards the bottom of the cup so I felt like my girls were up on a shelf.

The Miraculous Bra gave me a massive boost that created a significant amount of cleavage. With the Victoria’s Secret Miraculous Bra on, I bumped up to a 36C. The Miraculous Bra lived up to its claims of adding two cup sizes in lift.