There you are in a store that has 8 of the 9 things on your family list, but one of them isn't on sale like store number 2 across town. You see that store 1 price matches. You over hear someone having problems, here's some things that will help you.

Some stores only price match other stores like them, some will only do in store prices, some will price match their website if it's lower.

According to an article by Joseph Pisani for the AP on NBC News Here are five ways to get the most out of price matching offers:


1. Know the policy

If you want to take advantage of a price match offer, read the store's policy closely. You can find the guidelines on the store's website.Print out the policy and bring it with you. Having a hard copy will be helpful if you need to argue your case.

2. Bring proof

Always bring the advertisement or the printed web page for the item you want to price match. Walmart doesn't require bringing the ad because it says cashiers have access to all local advertisements. If you have proof they can't bluff you out of the deal.

3. Save receipts

Some retailers will give you money back if you see a lower price after you buy an item. Keep a hold of your receipts and, particularly for big-ticket items, continue to look for lower prices.

4. Go straight to the customer service desk

Many retailers have hired cashiers specifically for the holiday rush, so the new employees may not be up-to-speed on the store's price-matching policy. Heather Wheeler, who runs savings website, recommends handling the transaction at the customer service desk instead on the cashier.

5. Look beyond retailers

You can also price match depending on how you pay. PayPal, the payment processer, promises to match a lower price if you've already made a purchase using the service. That includes airline tickets. PayPal will match the prices of retailers that don't let customers use PayPal, however. Just fill out a form and upload a receipt when you find a lower price. PayPal will give you back up to $1,000 for all purchases made until Dec. 31.


Also, check in to your credit card, some will give cash back or give you the price match if the price is cheaper.There is a Price Rewind program, they want you to spend on their card and they will work to find the better deal online.. Register your purchases made on your credit card online and it will send you a check for the difference if it finds a lower price from an online retailer.

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