Many folks reading this grew up with the Beach Boys. Their music was totally unoffensive. If we asked our parents for a dollar to buy "Help Me Rhonda", they'd probably give us two dollars and we could buy "Surfer Girl" to boot!.

Here we are fifty years later, and the Beach Boys are singing their way across America. I'm having a little difficulty with this however for several reasons. Two of the original Beach Boys are dead. The remaining members aren't "boys" anymore, and Beach Men doesn't cut it. Finally, their voices can't be expected to be the same as they were fifty years ago.

My difficulties aside, I'd still go see them if they came to our area. I guess I'd see them more out of respect for what they've contributed to music than their attempt at harmonizing songs they recorded too many years ago.

I have a couple questions.One is, I'm wondering if their still having fun. The next is are you having fun seeing them, or would you prefer to remember them when they were at the top?

They say that one of life's gifts is to know when it's time to leave the stage. Is it that time for the Beach Boys?